Printing PEDS Data for a Single Application from an XML Download

The only way to print data for a single application from an Html file generated by XSLT_PEDS 1.1 and earlier was to either print the pages including the data, which would also include data for other applications that happened to fall on the first or last printed page, or to copy & paste the data into a word processor and print from there. XSLT_PEDS 1.2 added the ability to easily print data for a single application directly from the generated Html file.

To implement this new feature in an intuitive way, it was necessary to change the hide/show feature added in version 1.1 and discussed in an earlier post. In version 1.2 and later, clicking on any Application Data heading, rather that clicking on any application title, will hide/show data other than in Application Data sections. This freed up a click on an application title to be applied to the new feature.

Now to print the data for a single application, first click the application’s title. Clicking on an application title will hide/show all data for all applications except for the clicked title’s application. With other data hidden, the browser’s print function will print only the remaining data for the one application.

The latest version of XSLT_PEDS is available for download here.

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