Yesterday, I finished up and released version 2.0 of XSLT_PEDS, the latest version of software to facilitate reading USPTO’s PEDS data. Script code in the new version has been significantly reworked to improve ease of maintenance while providing controls to facilitate incorporation of XSLT_PEDS functionality into other scripts if desired. Fortunately for current XSLT_PEDS users, those upgrading to version 2.0 may continue using scripts `unzipa`, `unzipf`, and `unzipo` as with versions 1.x.x.

Version 2.0 includes the new script `unzippeds` which includes all of the functionality formerly found in scripts `unzipa`, `unzipf`, and `unzipo`. When provided with the appropriate argument, `unzippeds` will perform the operation of the corresponding one of the former disparate scripts. The former scripts remain but have been reduced to stubs calling `unzippeds` with appropriate arguments. Integration into a single script obviously reduces redundancy due to similarities between operations, but the single script and its arguments also simplify selective application of any or all of the XSLT_PEDS functionality into other software. Use in other software is permissible, of course, in accordance with GNU GPL-3.0.

In addition to code changes, XSLT_PEDS 2.0 has been newly tested on Microsoft Windows 10 using Cygwin in addition to testing on Linux and on Windows 10 using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Guidance on requirements and usage with each is included in the release’s README file, which is also available for reading online at https://github.com/dfyockey/XSLT_PEDS.

The latest version of XSLT_PEDS is available for download at https://github.com/dfyockey/XSLT_PEDS/releases/latest/download/XSLT_PEDS-release.zip.

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