Since getting into programming way back up the timeline, I’ve never gotten away from it. I probably should have taken up software development as a career but didn’t for a number of reasons, some better than others. Nevertheless, no matter what I do, I’ve always been pulled back to it with the goal of doing something relevant in software. So, this site is about bits related to my free open source software activity and is a (weak) attempt to get them out to people who might find them useful, because…

If we don’t try to communicate our work, we run the risk of being irrelevant.

Adam Grant, Wharton School Professor

The site’s just a blog right now, but I’m thinking about morphing it into a different form at some point so the home page will be more constant and so more apt to bubble up in search engines over time.

Comments presenting constructive criticism, suggestions, and questions are welcome.
Comments pointing out bugs are especially appreciated. :^)